A functional communication enclosure requires mechanical and electrical systems to work in unison in order to provide a safe, clean working environment. Temperature-controls, security systems, surge protectors and backup power supplies are just a few of the components that comprise an integrated equipment shelter. Assembling components into a compatible, reliable, integrated system is a key function in building incorporate time-tested electrical components, durable mechanical systems, and failsafe fire protection and alarm systems.

Our communication clients include GTE Federal Systems, Motorola Communication & Electronics, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, TIW Systems, and Verizon.

Types Available

Portable Communication Shelters
Cellular Telephone Fiber Optics Shelters
Microwave Landing Systems (MLS)
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)


Galvannealed Steel (Standard)

No Size Limitation

Length: from 6′ to 60′
Unlimited modular options available.
Width: from 6′ to 32′

Load Capacity

Roof = 60 psf L+D
Wind = 105 mph, Exp-C
Floor = 180 psf L+D

Standards listed above, but can accommodate end users specifications.


1-Ton to 6-Ton individual units. Have the capability to run multiple units to achieve ultimate cooling and heating loads.


R13 to R30


Steel doors with panic devices.


  • Provisions for future expansion
  • Exterior options including (but not limited to) windows in doors / walls,custom door arrangements and alarms, lighting, exterior surface coatingsand sections of removable walls.
  • Interior options including (but not limited to) communications systems,emergency lighting and alarm systems, integrated power distribution panelsand other various types of mounts, acoustic ceiling, partitioning and a varietyof floor / wall coatings or coverings.
  • HVAC options including (but not limited to) louvers, pressurization, ventfans, heating / air conditioning systems and air filtration systems.
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Standby and prime power applications
  • Halo grounding
  • Under floor overhead cable trays
  • Thermal ceramic paint
  • Durable and corrosion resistant paint
  • Rock solid aggregate exterior
  • Welded steel construction
  • Bullet resistance

Industry Standards

Motorola R-56
Regulatory compliance – NFPA, EPA, OSHA, NEC, State and Local Codes


JoaQuin Manufacturing has the full capabilities of shipping, offloading and installing all of our enclosures.

Recently Completed Installations

California Highway Patrol
Motorola – Wyoming Department of Transportation

Industries Served

Defense Contractors
Federal Government
State / Local Government