Power Distribution Center Buildings

JoaQuin power distribution centers offer advanced equipment protection in practically any environment. Our durable construction is extremely flexible and easily modified to meet constantly changing power requirements. JoaQuin’s manufacturing facility has the capacity to construct large scale power distribution shelters or smaller, more compact power distribution enclosures. Whatever the size, our custom designed products incorporate time tested structural designs with an array of finishes to ensure strength, durability and protection.

We have built for groups such as the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Energy.

Whether you need a Power Control Center (PCC), Electrical Equipment House (E-House) or a Power Distribution Center (PCD), JoaQuin has a range of durable, reliable and versatile power distribution system. With thousands of our PDC’s installed around the world, JoaQuin has a proven record of delivering results in the most challenging of environments.

Our construction procedures are extremely flexible and can be modified to meet the constantly changing power requirements. With that, the power distribution shelters are available in a great variety of finishes, metals, different paint options, and wind, roof and wall ratings. Whatever size, design or finishing you choose, strength, durability and protection from our structure is all but guaranteed.

JoaQuin designs Power distribution center with advanced electronic equipment and systems. The projects are carried out by an in-house engineering team that uses its expertise to meet your unique needs. Our strength lies in the manufacturing and integration of both power distribution equipment and buildings. End products are designed, integrated and tested all in the same facility. This means that clients get a turnkey solution with absolutely zero compromise on the electrical and structural facets of the design.

Innovative and Aesthetic Designs

JoaQuin’s power distribution buildings are designed keeping longevity and quality in mind. The exterior components are all constructed with the A60 galvanneal before being finished with a reliable industry standard paint systems. Meanwhile, the exterior walls are gasketed and interlocked, which combined with our roof panels offers foolproof protection from the environmental threats.

To make the power distribution system even more secure, clients can go for options such as fire suppression, alarm and monitoring, explosion relief panels and other safety equipment. Our PDC buildings are extremely efficient and safe but we do not compromise on aesthetics. Every building that we design has and eye-catching appearance.

Power Distribution Center developed by JoaQuin work smoothly in the harshest of environments including mining facilities, paper and pulp mills, waste water treatment and corn mills.

Premium Working Quality

Quality remains our top priority from the order entry to product delivery and commission. PDCs are designed in accordance with the specified needs of the project and are put through comprehensive tests. The testing procedures ensures that our products match the latest industry standards.

The exhaustive quality procedures coupled with the unmatched skills of our personnel make certain that every PDC delivered is ready for years of operation.

Types Available

Power Management and Automation Shelters
Building Power and Support Systems


Galvannealed Steel (Standard)

No Size Limitation

Length: from 6′ to 60′
Unlimited modular options available.
Width: from 6′ to 32′

Load Capacity

Roof = 60 psf L+D STD
Wind = 105 mph, Exp-C STD
Floor = 180 psf L+D STD

Standards listed above, but can accommodate end users specifications.


1-Ton to 6-Ton individual units. Have the capability to run multiple units to achieve ultimate cooling and heating loads.


R13 to R30


Steel doors with panic devices.

Special Features/Components

  • Standard or custom designs
  • Ground Systems – Interior/Exterior
  • Chemical Resistant Epoxy Paint Interior
  • Polyurethane Exterior Paint

Optional Battery Room

  • Fire Rated – 1, 2, and 4 Hour Ratings
  • Secondary Spill Containment Sumps – Exceed 40 CFR, Par. 264.175
  • Grated Flooring – 250 psf loading or more
  • Natural Ventilation Fire Dampers – UL Rated


  • Explosion Proof Electrical
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • HVAC (Explosion Proof Systems)
  • Emergency Eye Wash
  • Fire Suppression Systems – Halon & Water
  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems – Fire, Gas, Leak Detection, High Temp, LiquidLevel, Open Door
  • Loading Ramps – Inclined Steel
  • Doors – Single and Double
  • Pressure Relief Panels
  • Explosion Relief Panels
  • Lighting Systems – Explosion Proof Interior/Exterior
  • Environmental Control Systems – Explosion Proof, Fire Shut Down
  • MCC, UPS, Switchgear VFDs, PLC/PCS
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Standby and prime power applications
  • Halo grounding
  • Under floor overhead cable trays
  • Thermal ceramic paint
  • Durable and corrosion resistant paint
  • Rock solid aggregate exterior
  • Welded steel construction
  • Bullet resistance

Industry Standards

Regulatory compliance – NFPA, EPA, OSHA, NEC, State and Local Codes


JoaQuin Manufacturing has the full capabilities of shipping, offloading and installing all of our enclosures.

Recently Completed Installations

BP – Durango, Colorado

Industries Served

Defense Contractors
Federal Government
Power Utilities
Rail & Transit
State / Local Government
Water & Waste