Prefabricated Steel Housing For Storage and Inventory Management

At JoaQuin, we’ve raised substation shelter design to a new level. Whether your shelter needs are electrical, communication, mechanical or otherwise, we have the solution. Integrated installed systems are pre-tested for quality and reliability. Substation buildings and enclosures are portable allowing for flexibility in any environment. Our pre-fabricated custom enclosures reduce engineering, procurement and installation costs keeping your project on time and on budget.

Our design engineering capabilities of integrating mechanical, electrical and monitory systems firmly establishes JoaQuin on the forefront of system integration technology. JoaQuin’s system integration expertise ranges from simple ventilation and lighting packages, to complex computer controlled environmental, monitoring and alarm systems. EMI/RFI shielding, to design criteria levels, is optimally available to provide an additional level of protection for sensitive electronic equipment.


Substation buildings and prefabricated modular construction must meet certain standards and code requirements to ensure the protection of equipment inside. JoaQuin’s substation buildings exceeds the high industry standards. What’s more, we deliver the structure swiftly and in a cost-effective manner.

Designing impeccable substation shelter is one of our core strengths. Whether you need a shelter for electrical, mechanical or communication equipment, JoaQuin has the tools to deliver the best solution.

From laser work areas to high-grade water equipment, our exterior modular enclosures are reinforced to protect all kind of machinery and equipment. With that, these structures are portable allowing flexibility in different environments.

JoaQuin’s prefabricated custom enclosures reduce the cost of engineering, procurement and installation, keeping the project on time and budget. We provide the structural integrity to fit nearly all types of environments and applications. Through prefabricated modular construction, JoaQuin provides a superior product to its clients.

Proven Quality through Modular Substation

Our unique engineering system allows us to construct substation buildings in a controlled environment. This manufacturing environment comes with a few inherent benefits.

First, the substation building material remains protected at all times. As you know, traditionally the construction occurs in an open area and the material remains exposed to outside elements. Let’s say, if a storm occurs in this situation, precipitation will soak into the building and will harm its durability and strength. Of course, this is avoidable in a controlled environment. Controlled manufacturing also reduces the chances of construction errors.

JoaQuin takes great pride in constructing enclosures that meet the exact specification of our clients. In case of modular substation building, the enclosure can be constructed to sit the preexisting structure of the substation or be made as simply as possible.

Unmatched Durability and Strength

To protect substation equipment, the building should have impeccable structural integrity. Any blemish in the substation building can destroy the entire operation. Hence, it’s imperative to only use the best material to construct a strong building.

Sometimes the structure can be damaged within transportation as smooth sailing and perfect road conditions are never guaranteed. However, with JoaQuin you can rest easy that our buildings are equipped to withstand the harshness of transportation. Our strategic planning and quality assurance procedures makes certain that the buildings retains its structural integrity throughout the process.

Turn-Key Solution

Perhaps the biggest benefit you will find with our substation building is that it’s a turkey product. Time is currency only few entities can afford. JoaQuin realizes how important the time of its clients is and that’s why, we complete our projects quickly with little to zero downtime.

Having to work with just one company reduces the coordination efforts needed and minimizes the overall difficult of the project. From designing all the way to installation, we make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Important Benefits of Substation Enclosure

Modular substation building allow you to work on a project from two directions. Construction phase and site development can occur concurrently, leaving only installation for the project be completed. As two parts of this project are performed simultaneously, the modular construction projects usually take 30%-50% less time than their conventional counterparts.

Further, the construction occurs in an assembly-line fashion, leaving little room for unexpected delays. This allows the stakeholders to have a better control over the project timeline.

JoaQuin utilizes modular construction to a degree of perfection. We help you with storage and inventory management and let you achieve tremendous results by providing a strong and durable building on time. You save money, time and effort while working us. So let us handle substation building and we promise to uplift you to new heights.

Types Available

Electromagnetic Interference & Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) Shielding Instrument Shelters
Defense Military Enclosures (DME)
Sentry Stations
Control Rooms
Modular Offices
Back-Up Power and Generator Buildings
Microwave Repeater Stations
Monitoring Equipment Stations


Galvannealed Steel (Standard)

No Size Limitations

Each piece 16′ X 75′. Unlimited modular options available.

Wall and Roof Specifications

Steel Walls and Roof

Protection From All Elements

  • All welded construction – no external fasteners
  • Steel walls and roof – provide rigidity and strength
  • Galvannealed steel – corrosion resistant and paintable
  • Thermal ceramic exterior finish

Integrated Preinstalled Equipment

  • Relay panels and gear pre-wired and factory installed and tested.
  • Relay panels provided by JoaQuin for complete package.


  • Empty shells with basic services, such as station batteries and Hydrogen-operatedfan controls.
  • Fully assembled Substation units with all the necessary control and protectiveequipment, interconnected to a marshalling cabinet or similar interface.
  • Complete DC and AC systems.
  • Buildings with floor or drop over enclosure.
  • Pre-installed battery racks and pans.
  • Pre-installed and pre-wired relay panels.
  • Automatic transfer switch for two feed source.
  • Listed fire alarm systems with interface to HVAC if necessary.
  • Halon or other specialty-gas fire systems.
  • Foundation design drawings for each shelter when required.
  • Battery charger
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Standby and prime power applications
  • Halo grounding
  • Under floor overhead cable trays
  • Thermal ceramic paint
  • Durable and corrosion resistant paint
  • Rock solid aggregate exterior
  • Welded steel construction
  • Bullet resistance

Additional Capabilities

  • Installation and control of generator sets for both standby and prime powerapplications.
  • Installation and interconnect of low and medium voltage switchgear, includingMCCs, VFDs, high voltage splicing and interface to a PLC.
  • Hazardous location shelters & pressurized shelters.
  • Receiving and installation of customer-supplied equipment such as airfieldlighting, controls, UPS equipment and battery charging systems, etc.
  • Trailer mounted systems with generator sets, pneumatic antenna masts, andcustom noise, dampening and security provisions.
  • Containerized systems where extra portability is required.
  • Truck-mounted systems, such as mobile cell sites with dish antennas.


JoaQuin Manufacturing has the full capabilities of shipping, offloading and installing all of our enclosures.

Recently Completed Installations

Eurus Energy – Oregon
NextEra – South Dakota
NextEra – Omega, Texas

Industries Served

Defense Contractors
Federal Government
Power Utilities
Rail & Transit
State / Local Government
Water & Waste