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Structural Designs


Project Management

JoaQuin’s projects from start to finish are supervised jointly by our Quality Control Team and Management Teams. From the design phase, contract requirement review, purchasing, material handling, to production qualification testing and delivery, the teams work closely to ensure conformance to contract requirements. JoaQuin stays in constant communication with the customer throughout design and manufacturing process. We guarantee that a quality product, designed and tailored to meet the individual customer requirements is delivered on time and conforms with contract specifications.

JoaQuin Manufacturing will produce a Quality Custom Shelter on Time.


All JoaQuin projects are planned and managed within a well-defined system. Management control of the project from start to finish is the key element in achieving the goal of producing a Quality Structural Sound Shelter. From the specification and drawing review, to the quality materials utilized our highly-experienced craftsman use state-of-the-art equipment in the fabrication process to guarantee a state of the art structural sound, Reliable Shelter for on time delivery. Our Shelters are fabricated to reliable world class standards and are Versatile, portable and built with structural integrity.

Each JoaQuin Shelter is fabricated to the highest Consistent Quality Standards. JoaQuin Shelters are reliable, portable, durable, fully integrated and assembled.

JoaQuin Manufacturing will produce a Quality Custom Shelter on Time.


JoaQuin’s Engineering Team ensures the design integrity and compliance meet the below Codes and Standards. Additionally our products meet and exceed the current building and stringent electrical codes as well as meeting the standards of the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code).


Our highly experienced Engineers and Designers comply with the Electrical, Structural, HVAC,
Wind Loading and Seismic requirements, as well as the State and Regional
Certification requirments.

Quality Control

JoaQuin Manufacturing Corporation maintains the highest Quality Management System.

From design, contract compliance, materials management and production, these teams work closely at all stages of the manufacturing process ensuring conformance to all contract and code standards are met. Our Quality Control Team also works closely with our Quality Assurance Team to ensure document control throughout the project.

Our Quality Assurance program is built into the production process and includes the following elements:

  • Contract review and design control
  • Document and data control
  • Purchasing
  • Control of customer supplied products
  • Handling packaging preservation & delivery
  • Inspection points during the fabrication process.
  • Acceptance Standards
  • A non-conforming material process.
  • A drawing change process.

Manage Offloading & Installation

JoaQuins highly experienced management team can professionally and safely manage offload and installation of your shelter. Our team offers on-site support to manage the load-out /DOT compliant transport/offload and securing of the enclosure to foundations, piers or support structure of choice. Additionally, our expert installation management team can ensure the structure is completely re-assembled to pre-ship fully tested conditions