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Switchgear Buildings / Enclosures

Switchgear Building / Enclosures

Switchgear Buildings, MCC Buildings or Electrical Houses are constructed to keep your electronic controls and switchgear safe from weather. Without a reliable structure safeguarding your equipment, they can get damaged, which can be dangerous especially when the equipment is outdoors. That’s why, protecting switchgear power systems or electrical equipment with a proper Switchgear Building is a necessity if you want the project to be success.

JoaQuin designs and builds premium quality Switchgear shelter enclosure that protect your equipment from hostile weather conditions. Our switchgear enclosures are constructed from fiberglass, steel, concrete and aluminum. These buildings have advanced electronics and mechanical systems integrated inside. With a combination of different options and materials, JoaQuin demonstrates tremendous flexibility while designing the ideal electrical switchgear buildings.

Switchgear Building is also called:

  • Electrical House
  • E-House
  • Modular Control Building
  • Integrated Power Assembly (IPA)
  • Power Control Room (PCR)
  • Switchgear Shelter Enclosure
  • Power House
  • MCC Building
  • Prefabricated Electrical Building

JoaQuin: Why Choose Us?

At JoaQuin, VFD equipment shelter enclosure are designed and fabricated in our own facility to carefully manage the cost and quality. It’s our capabilities in metal fabrication that allow us to design and assemble the most durable switchgear buildings. So far, our structure have stood tall against scorching heat, high humidity and extreme cold.

Here are some benefits of working with JoaQuin Manufacturing.

  • Cost Effective: Reasonable pricing allows customers to attain cost efficiencies.
  • Mobility: Portable Electric Houses are extremely easy to move around.
  • Minimal Field Labor Expenses: Our Switchgear Buildings are ready to go when they are delivered to you. This reduces the field labor expense.
  • Controlled Environment: Critical equipment are protected from the weather and can be air conditioned and heated as required.
  • Eco-Friendly: Switchgear Buildings blend easily with the local environment and do not cause a ruckus in their surroundings.
  • Heavily Reinforced: Quality material and rugged design allows the buildings to withstand harsh climates.







Types Available

Switchgear Mounts
Switchgear Enclosures
Switchgear Buildings / Shelters


Galvannealed Steel (Standard)
No Size Limitation

Length: from 6′ to 60′
Unlimited modular options available.
Width: from 6′ to 32′
Load Capacity

Roof = 60 psf L+D STD
Wind = 105 mph, Exp-C STD
Floor = 180 psf L+D STD
Standards listed above, but can accommodate end users specifications.


1-Ton to 6-Ton individual wall hung units. Have the capability to run multiple units to achieve ultimate cooling and heating loads. Split system and rooftop system available.

R13 to R50


  • Provisions for future expansion
  • Exterior options including (but not limited to) windows in doors / walls,custom door arrangements and alarms, lighting, exterior surface coatingsand sections of removable walls.
  • Interior options including (but not limited to) communications systems,emergency lighting and alarm systems, integrated power distribution panelsand other various types of mounts, acoustic ceiling, partitioning and a varietyof floor / wall coatings or coverings.
  • HVAC options including (but not limited to) louvers, pressurization, ventfans, heating / air conditioning systems and air filtration systems.
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Standby and prime power applications
  • Halo grounding
  • Under floor overhead cable
  • Thermal ceramic paint
  • Durable and corrosion resistant paint
  • Rock solid aggregate exterior
  • Welded steel construction
  • Bullet resistance


JoaQuin manufacturing has the full capabilities of shipping and managing the offloading/ installations of all our enclosures.

Recently Completed Installations
High Plaines Pipeline 4160 Switchgear with 1500 HP VFD
Tarpon / Whiting Electric – North Dakota
Industries Served

Defense Contractors
Federal Government
Power Utilities
Rail & Transit
State / Local Government