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Modular homes are off-site homes that are built with personalized layouts at the back or nearby the factory. Building a modular house offers numerous construction benefits over traditional homes because the process makes it more efficient than site buildings and if you realize, it’s 50% faster as compared to the construction planning process of a mobile home. These modular homes are built indoor in a factory-like-setting and have doubled the convenience for home builders as this construction drift is on-the-rise in United States industrial world.

The modular home building process also known as prefab building construction process involves different stages of construction but let’s know about the three main steps at this time.

  1. Planning

Planning a modular building involves the crucial working of smart designing, engineering, onsite planning, developing, fabricating, installing, assembling, and interior, exterior finishing on the later point. The first phase requires a builder to find an appropriate site, selecting a builder and securing a loan for constructing a house. Taking approvals for the building and mechanical permit is also a major initial step to implement the construction plan.


  1. Manufacturing and Site Preparation

Once the modular details are finalized, the manufacturer starts with the preparation on the off-site and take necessary measures to set a foundation of modular building. The manufacturing process begins with the flooring leading to add walls with sheet rocks. The manufacturer then shifts to other areas of working which includes electrical, plumbing, wiring and insulation. Once these areas are marked done, the manufacturer focuses on the exterior of the house completing roofing and siding. The intermediate construction phase involves fixing doors, windows, cabinets for baths and kitchenette.

When all the above groundwork is finished, the manufacturer packs the modules and ship them to the building site to be assembled. The entire manufacturing and site preparation stage requires 6-12 weeks but the time duration is not definite for many unstable factors which come in between the entire construction stage. It is also subjective to the schedule at the factory.


  1. Final Construction Stage

However, the modules when completed in the factory, they are carried to the construction site and assemble at home. Each section usually is 14 to 16 feet wide and up to 60 feet long. A home with six to eight sections, this module assembly provides up to two to three days, but the construction process doesn’t here. A manufacturer is time to time notified of the changes and all the leftover final construction details that are needed to complete for not delaying the process.

The finalization of a modular home construction includes weatherproofing the modules, finalizing interior and exterior details, connecting utilities and completing inspections.


Apparently, this definitive guide to building a modular home is enough to start your dream home construction. Therefore carry out these stages firmly and inform us if you need more details on this topic. Modular buildings are ideal to live which gives you a high-quality lifestyle and save you quite a bit of money.

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