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Structural Designs

Ticket Booths / Guard Houses

Guard House Design

JoaQuin manufactures and delivers turn-key prefabricated structures that have minimal downtime. These prefabricated buildings, whether Ticket Booths or Guard Houses are constructed at our facility before being shipped at your location.

When our structures arrive, they are ready for installation. Buying a prefabricated structure means no mess at your location and a ready to use booth available for you. The booths and structures are easy to relocate and install thanks to the forklift steel base.

The entire system from construction to delivery is suited for commercial, military and industrial application that desire immediate space solution. It’s great for improving security, selling ticket and enhancing the entrance to your facility.

Guard Houses

Being committed to excellence and quality, JoaQuin uses the highest quality of material while constructing guard houses. Our aluminum houses require little maintenance and have a service life exceeding two decades. We are currently located in the United States and deliver booths and shelters all around the country.

Since our line of standard guard houses are so wide, customer rarely have trouble finding a design that works for their project. So if you are seeking to secure your facility with an added style and convenience, JoaQuin is at your service.

Ticket Booth

Do you need ticketing booth away from the main location? We have exactly what you need. JoaQuin has been delivering quality booths to its clients since 1978. In our catalogue, there are structures with variety of counters, doors and windows. The booths come in different colors and designs.

All wiring and electrical equipment is pre-installed so when the structure arrives at your facility, it’s ready for operation. We are considered as the leader in the ticket booth market, so don’t settle for second best. JoaQuin is here to take the ticket booth worries off your shoulders.

Strength and Durability

Be it our guard houses or ticket booths, they are designed from our standard white prefinished aluminum. Structures are thoroughly assembled and prewired for a smooth installation. As these modular buildings are assembled in a controlled environment safe from the weather, the chances of moisture being trapped under the material reduces significantly.

Custom Designs

If you have a specific design for a booth in mind, let us know. We can accommodate a variety of custom design requests by our clients. A little ingenuity on your part can turn an ordinary booth into something exceptional. The people at JoaQuin love challenges and are willing to prove their expertise by designing a structure that meets your vision.  Along this, you can also benefit from their knowledge and seek second opinion on your design requests.

Visual Appeal

Aesthetics are important to JoaQuin. We believe first impressions are important and that’s the reason we try to create visual appeal in our structures. Not only are our booths strong and durable, they are absolute delight to look at. We work with our customers to make sure that our booths match the overall vibe of the facility. Even in guard house design, JoaQuin adds a bit of style.


Types Available

Ticket Booths
Guard Houses
Security Shelters


No Size Limitations

Length: from 6′ to 60′
Unlimited modular options available.
Width: from 6′ to 32′
Load Capacity

Floor = 80 psf
Roof = 40 psf
Wind = 105 mph

1-Ton to 3-Ton

R13 to R30

UL752 Doors
Special Features/Components

Up to Level IV ballistics per UL-752


  • Provisions for future expansion
  • Exterior options including (but not limited to) windows in doors / walls,custom door arrangements and alarms, lighting, exterior surface coatingsand sections of removable walls.
  • Interior options including (but not limited to) communications systems,emergency lighting and alarm systems, integrated power distribution panelsand other various types of mounts, acoustic ceiling, partitioning and a varietyof floor / wall coatings or coverings.
  • HVAC options including (but not limited to) louvers, pressurization, ventfans, heating / air conditioning systems and air filtration systems.
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Standby and prime power applications
  • Halo grounding
  • Under floor overhead cable
  • Thermal ceramic paint
  • Durable and corrosion resistant paint
  • Rock solid aggregate exterior
  • Welded steel construction
  • Bullet resistance


JoaQuin Manufacturing has the full capabilities of shipping, offloading and installing all of our enclosures.
Industries Served

Defense Contractors
Federal Government
Power Utilities
Rail & Transit
State / Local Government